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Lease or Buy?

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Lease or Purchase Solar Equipment vs Buying

Never worry about another electric rate hike!

Go solar for $0 down and lock in your rate now. Start saving today!

$500 instant cash back! Contact Us for details.

Is the initial cash outlay for installing solar keeping you from making the leap to solar energy for your home, business or office?

Did you know you can lease or finance a system for $0 down and still save money?

A cleaner, more affordable alternative to your monthly utility bill.

Every homeowner’s situation is unique. A lease option may better for some while a purchase option is better for others. The warranties and guarantees are virtually identical, so we recommend considering both options and choosing the one that most fits your needs.

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Savings Grow Every Year

Your savings can grow over time as utility rates continue to increase. Historically, utility rates have increased over 4% every year. With a solar system, you can lock in lower electricity rates & protect yourself against ever rising energy costs.