Tesla Certified Solar Installers

SolarOne is proud to be a Tesla Certified Solar Installer. Telsa solar inverters and Tesla's Powerwall solar energy storage systems are the best in the business. Your SolarOne consultant and custom design team are happy to answer questions and can help recommend the best fit for you.

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Tesla Solar Inverter

Maximum Solar Production

Maxeon solar panels are designed to be highly efficient, delivering maximum solar production year-round, even on roofs with complicated angles. Powered by Tesla Solar Inverter, your fully integrated system is safe and reliable.

Tesla Solar Inverter offers improved aesthetics, reliability and native integration with the Tesla ecosystem for both Solar Roof and solar panel systems. DC power coming from solar modules is inverted to AC power by Tesla Solar Inverter for home consumption.


Solar Energy Storage

Tesla Powerwall with Integrated Solar Inverter

  • Built on Powerwall technology for exceptional efficiency and proven reliability

  • Over-the-air updates and monitoring via Wi-Fi, Ethernet and cellular connectivity

  • Native integration with the Tesla ecosystem (Tesla app, Powerwall, Wall Connector)

Tesla Powerwall Solar Energy Storage

Tesla Powerwall Solar Energy Storage


Powerwall stores your solar energy for backup protection, so when the grid goes down your power stays on. Powerwall home battery continues Tesla’s mission and makes clean energy accessible to all, day and night.

For most homes, customers can receive whole-home backup to power their entire home during an outage and have energy independence by producing energy with solar. Customers can also reduce their reliance on the grid and save money on utility bills. Once installed, Powerwall can be monitored and managed using the Tesla app to customize system behavior to meet your energy goals.

Powerwall 3 is a fully integrated solar and battery system, designed to meet the needs of your home. Powerwall 3 can supply more power with a single unit and is designed for easy expansion to meet your present or future needs. Powerwall 3 features an integrated solar inverter allowing solar to be connected directly for high efficiency; it can also be added to existing solar or installed on its own, like Powerwall 2.

Powerwall 3 is now available in the continental U.S. with Hawaii and Puerto Rico coming later this year.