how solar energy works

How Solar Works

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The electricity produced by your solar panels is used on-site, resulting in reduced electricity demand from the local utility. This provides valuable cost savings, especially during peak daytime and summertime rate periods, which coincidentally is typically when solar systems produce the most electricity.

Because a solar electric system will last 25 or more years, it provides security against rising electricity prices.

And if you ever decide to sell your property, research shows that buyers are willing to pay a premium for a building with a solar electric system.

With current State and Federal incentives, going green has never been more affordable. SolarOne can even assist you with financing.

Talk to a Solar Pro!

Every property is unique, so SolarOne conducts advanced on-site evaluations to make sure we maximize the potential of your solar system. Although roof mounted systems are most common, you are not limited to that. Tracker and fixed array systems can also be great options for certain properties.

With the latest technology & the most innovative & efficient solar panels ever created, harnessing the suns power has never been easier.

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