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Solar Panels - Solar Energy Products


Sunpower is the most efficient panel available today. The panels use more sun which means lower energy costs and greater savings over the life of your system. The signature black design will blend harmoniously into the roof of your home. More homes in the United States are powered by SunPower than any other solar provider.


Axitec Premium

High effieciency German solar panel. These monocrystalline panels of the AXIpremium series provide high performance in low light conditions as well as an aesthetically pleasing all black frame and backsheet



Top quality American made PV modules that provide more kWh per kW than many other major brands. By installing SolarWorld Sunmodules, you are getting superior value - more kWh for your money.



As a general manufacturer of electrical machinery and appliances, Mitsubishi Electric offers a legacy of innovation and achievement that goes all the way back to it's founding in  1921. Since 1976, when Japan launched it's first commercial satellite, Mitsubishi has participated in approximately 250 related projects around the world. One such project led to the development of a number of photovoltaic power generation systems that have proven to be extremely reliable, even in the harsh conditions of outer space.


SCM 210 modules, made by REC solar in Norway, are a series of high quality solar modules designed to meet system demand for exceptional performance. Rigorous quality control is applied throughout the production process, from cells to modules. Sixty 6.14" square multicrystalline solar cells in each module are optimized for low light conditions and increased light absorption. The modules have an innovative design that eliminates shading effects in order to achieve maximum performance.

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