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Arizona Solar Incentives & Tax Credits

arizona-income-tax-credit   Arizona Income Tax Credit
Homeowners can claim a 25% tax credit (maximum of $1,000 credit) on solar devices installed on a residence. This is a one time tax credit and restricts the homeowner for additional credits for solar purchases made for the same residence in subsequent years.
federal-energy-tax-credit   Federal Energy Tax Credit (now extended until 12/31/2017)
The federal business energy tax credit is a 30% tax credit available to commercial businesses that invest in or purchase energy property in the United States. The 30% tax credit is also available to homeowners, capped at $2,000 until 1/1/09, then uncapped (part of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008).
  Arizona Solar Devices Sales Tax Exemption
In Arizona, "solar devices" can now be sold to Arizona customers without having to charge state sales tax. County and city sales taxes still apply for those tax authorities that collect their own sales taxes.
solar-guidelines   State of Arizona Solar Devices: Guidelines and Procedures
These guidelines and procedures are intended to more specifically address the issues regarding Arizona's legislation, including, but not limited to tax credits. (document as a PDF)
 solar-energy-credits   State of Arizona Department of Revenue Publication #543 - Solar Energy Credits (PDF)
Arizona law provides an individual taxpayer with a solar energy credit for installing a solar energy device in the taxpayer's residence located in Arizona. This publication was updated in September 2004 and is current as of April 2009